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 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible 390ci big block, Tax and MOT exempt.

The body and chassis has been fully restored and resprayed in the original Ford ‘Candy Apple Red’ in Canada before it came over a few years ago, totally rot free

Interior reupholstered with original seat covers.

Engine and gearbox stripped and fully rebuilt last year, to original specs.

New alloy radiator fitted at the same time.

Original Hydro-Electric power roof fully operational, hydraulic system rebuild in 2018.

Original roof in good condition, with a very small crease tear beside the window, where it creases when its folded down.

Its on an external part of the material where is goes over the window material section, so will never leak inside the car. I haven't replaced it as i like the originality of the roof, complete with its glass rear screen, and tonneau cover. They are £300 new and easy to fit if it bothered you.

I have had the original radio converted to MP3 / FM radio, all original buttons, knobs and lights work as they should, you wouldn’t know it had been converted. Fitted with 4 hidden speakers.

Dash surround has been stripped and restored.

New old stock FoMoco clock purchased and converted to Quartz movement, which still runs off the cars electric, looks original but doesn’t lose 1 second in time.

Original 60’s picnic set included.

Alloy Magnum 500 wheels with good tyres.

Twin exhaust system, finishing in 4 inch stainless tips, sounds as good as you would expect a big block to sound. Wife friendly round town, wonderful noise when you put your foot down.

I wire brush and smoothrite paint the underneath every year, to keep it totally rot free.

A lot of money and time has been spent on this car so its 100% reliable and needs nothing do to it at all. If it has needed it, it’s had it.

I did plan a holiday to the South of France, Italy and Spain in it this year, and wouldn't hesitate to drive this car that distance, no problem.

We have had plenty of touring holidays around the UK, with no issues at all.


1955 Oldsmobile Holiday 88, 4 door pillar less saloon. Tax and MOT exempt.

Resprayed in Oldsmobile Reef Blue, inside all the door shuts and boot area, as the car came to me in Jensen Nevis Metallic Blue. The car was originally White over Blue out of the factory.

All the chrome is in very good order.

I have fitted side lights in the bumper over riders, that come on with the headlights. The recesses were originally alloy blanks, which will be included with the car.

The chassis has been cleaned and treated with wax oil since the car came in the country.

I found a set of brand new old stock rear leaf springs which I stripped, greased and wrapped before fitting, so they are protected and wont ever corrode again, and has created a very nice supple ride, actually lowering the car an inch or so over the original, tired, non-greased ones (I still have the original leaf springs to go with the car).

To level the car, the front springs were cut, they coil down into the lower arms, so weren’t flat bottomed, as a result of this design, doing this had absolutely no effect on the ride quality at all.

The Fuel tank has been removed, cleaned, painted and i fitted a new sender unit, along with a treatment of underseal on the floor beneath the tank.

All gauges, knobs and lights work as they should.

I have fitted new laminated side glass down both sides as the originals had started to de-laminate.

I have spare glass and chrome edging to go with the car.

All the windows, along with the winding quarter lights work as they should.

The car has covered 98k miles, just to go over 99k shortly as im using it as much as i can with the current weather.

This is a numbers matching car, with the engine being the original 324 Rocket V8 mated to the original Hydramatic automatic gearbox, both in fine order.

Heads were removed last year for an inspection, whilst in there, all new valves were fitted, the seats were re-cut and heads skimmed.

The original 2 Barrel Rochester carb has been ultrasonically cleaned and rebuilt with all new seals and jets, etc.

Fuel / Vacuum pump stripped and fully rebuilt. As a result, the original vacuum wiper motor runs very well.

The original drum power breaks work extremely well, they have been recently serviced with new front wheel bearings fitted at the same time.

Twin exhaust system is in good order with empty ‘Silver Streak’ silencers, which produce a very nice subdued subtle sound through the rear corner exit chrome down turns.

Radiator fully stripped and re-cored.

New battery just fitted.

Original radio has been converted to FM radio internals, USB and MP3 input, all knobs, lights and buttons work as they should. To look at it, you wouldn’t know it has been done.

Manual electric aerial fitted at the same time, which can be raised and lowered via an under dash switch

Original clock has been converted to Quartz movement, it still runs off cars electrics and does not lose 1 second.