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For your final Journey!!

Taking people on their final journey and celebrating their life is something that we are happy to do here at Clive Shaw Trucking.

We have a Covered coffin deck that fits on any 5th wheel therefore can be used on any of our trucks.

We also hire the Deck out to be used on other HGV’s

A funeral is a sad occasion for the family and friends, although nowadays tends to be a celebration of their life and what better send off and final journey than one your loved one would be proud of.

We try as best we can to carry out the wishes of the family and have fulfilled a variety of requests from stopping at the local pub to celebrating a last pint with their loved ones. Family can travel in the truck with their loved one, giving them a send off to be proud of. Making memories as you blast the air horns on leaving the service.

Every occasion is individual and tailor made to the families requests, we are happy to work with funeral directors and families to fulfill your requirements.