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How It All Began

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In 2011 Clive realised his childhood dream and purchased his first American Truck

A wet afternoon, in between jobs,  in a hotel room in Norway saw me trawling through you tube videos of American Trucks. I then came across some ads for Trucks  for sale in the USA.

To cut a long story short and after checking their Web Site and my bank balance! I contacted R&R Classic trucks at Blyton, Colin  had a Peterbilt for sale, but happened to mention a Kenworth  he had been looking at in the USA.

Colin and Andrew of R&R trucks arranged import of the truck from the USA to Southampton.

My dream was to have a blue truck but as Colin wasn’t sure if he was going to sell it to me, or keep it himself, he had it re sprayed in the USA before it was shipped over to match his Mustang…. Red!

Although in good condition when she arrived in Blyton, the Truck was looking a bit “tired” but after Colin and Andrew worked their magic on her over a few months and with some new stainless work as well as the addition of wind deflectors of their own design and build, she looked as sharp as a new pin when I took delivery of N 548 PTL on 5th June 2011.

So my childhood dream had come true! A shiny Kenworth W900L Aerodyne sitting in the driveway. All be it a red one, but by then I had warmed to the idea of it being red and  it makes the chrome stand out a bit!

That is how a 1996 Red W900L ended up making the journey from Pikeville Tennesse U.S.A. to New York U.K.

Got a call from Colin at R&R Classic Trucks. “Bringing another truck over, think you might want to have a look at it”

Well I looked and  saw…. Checked the bank balance again.

That was January 2013. Another W900L this time with a longer chassis and fitted with an ICT sleeper with all the necessary for long haul trucking, ie:- everything including the kitchen sink!

Again although in good condition she was looking very tired from working hard in the U.S.A. and was a horrible brown/orange colour.

Again I left the truck with Colin and Andrew of R&R Classic trucks and let them weave their magic on the old girl. The work included a complete re spray in red with the same livery as the Aerodyne. As far as I know the first two American trucks in the U.K. in matching livery.

It took a year of hard work and a lot of skill and effort from Colin and Andrew to bring the truck up to the standard it is now, not to mention the strain on the bank account!